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Shoes for Babies and Toddlers

Choosing the right shoe for your baby or toddler can be difficult and confusing. Concerns range from curly toes, flat feet, toe walking or pigeon toes. Our podiatrist are trained to identify the likely course or diagnosis and to treat if necessary. Diagnosis can be as simple as taking a history of birth patterns, family history or simply watching your child play with our toys and wonder around the clinic at their own pace. The assessment is pain free and the child often doesn’t even know we are looking at them.

Treatments offered to children with foot concerns include gentle stretching or in shoe padding, plus footwear education and assessment to ensure that the way in which the child presents is within the normal range.

Footwear selection is key to supporting foot development and walking. In terms of shoes for children, you tend to get what you pay for.

Although the prices can be alluring, if you head into Target or BigW you will struggle to find shoes that meet the podiatry guidelines, outlined below. Unfortunately for parents its becoming harder and harder to find the right shoes because the right shops are few and far between, and the prices are for toddlers Key features to look for in the correct shoes for children:

  • a firm heel counter that cannot be squashed with your hand
  • shoe should only bend where your childs foot bends at the ball
  • you should not be able to twist or wring the shoes out
  • the toe box should look like your childs foot, normally a rounded shape, nothing pointy
  •  a thumb width longer than the longest toe (caution: this is not always the big toe)
  • dorsal fixation with straps, laces, buckle or valcro

 I recently attended an appointment at the Craigieburn Podiatry Centre with my daughter, we were a little apprehensive about this visit, my daughter worrying “it might hurt”.

We were quickly put at ease when we met Brogan as, she quickly won my daughter over, talking about how pretty her dress was and that she too liked to wear ribbons in her hair.  From there it seemed simple, normal play and walking around the room to check the way she walked and some simple and painless test.

Whilst there is a bit of work ahead to correct the way my daughter has developed, we have absolute faith that Brogan is the right person for the job.  My daughter is already thinking about what dress she should wear for her next visit.

Thank you Brogan for making our transition to Podiatry so easy.