School Shoes for Children

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School Shoes for Children

The Summer Holidays end and suddenly you find yourself busy packing the kids bags. In go the books, pens and pencils then finally you remember ‘Argh, shoes!’

With so many school shoes on the market it is hard to know what to look for. The most important factor for children’s school shoes is that they fit correctly. This usually means getting your children fitted for shoes by a trained sales assistant.

Both feet should always be measured, as it is normal for up to a size difference between feet.  A correct fit should always have a thumbs space clearance at the end of the longest toe to ensure there is enough room for growth. The width of the shoe should also be checked to make sure the foot is not compressed in the shoe.

At Craigieburn Podiatry Centre we recommend the Ascent range for your entire school shoe needs. You can purchase these school shoes at The Athletes foot where a trained sales assistant will be able to fit your child into the appropriate school shoes.

Ascent school shoes are known as a “sport shoe in disguise”, and by that we mean their midsoles are built like runners to provide all day comfort. The added bonus is that they have a 6-month outer sole guarantee for your children who may be a little harder on their feet.