Orthotics | Craigieburn PodiatryDo you need Orthotics?

Foot Orthotics are orthopaedic devices are designed to treat or adjust various structural and functional biomechanical disorders that affect the lower limb. They are an innersole device that are manufactured on a per patient bases depending on their specific needs.

The devices used in the modern era are discrete (unless you want them in your favourite football colours), fit in multiple shoes and are long lasting.

Please note that arch supports purchased off the shelf are not tailor made to you, they are a generic or “one size fits all” device that may not be adequate for your needs.

To ensure you are fitted with the best possible device please seek the expertise of the of one of our team who can assess and recommend the right option for you.

We stock a range of orthopaedic footwear and can also help you to arrange custom-made orthotics.