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Foot Pain - Craigieburn PodiatryAre you experiencing pain in your feet? A visit to the Podiatrist may be in order. 

Podiatrists are trained and qualified in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment in lower limb, from hip to toes.

The body is a closed chain structure and therefore it is vital your podiatrist has a clear view of the hips, kness, ankles and feet. It is very common for injuries or pain to present in the feet however they are may in fact be coming from a structure proximal to the feet such as a hip imbalance or knee mal tracing.

The team at Craigieburn Podiatry Centre use a number of diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat your conditions:


  • Visual Gait Assessment on a treadmill
  • Digital Gait Analysis technology
  • Footwear Assessment
  • Pharmacological intervention (non steroidal anti-inflammatory)
  • Sports taping (rigid and flexible)
  • Orthotic Therapy (Off the shelf, semi custom and fully customised)

Stretching and strengthening programs
Our key focus for an elite athlete or sub elite athlete is to assess, diagnose and formulate a treatment strategy for any structure identified in the lower limb that may be exposed to over use stresses that could hinder performance or lead to a significant injury over time.

Foot Pain - Craigieburn PodiatryPlantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis or commonly know as heel pain is a common complaint seen within the clinic. Most cases are a result of over use of the muscle band or a direct trauma to the foot.

A common presentation of plantar fasciitis is pain that has been present in the heel or medial longidutinal arch ranging from a week up to 2 years in untreated patients.The plantar fascia muscle can become inflamed & thickened if you do not seek treatment as early as possible.

The healing success rate is much greater in acute cases than in chronic cases.


Symptoms may include:

  • debilitating pain after extended periods of non weight bearing rest such getting out of bed in the morning or after a lunch break.
  • pain that may increase over the duration of activity
  • a burning or stabbing sensation around the heel

The cause of Plantas Fasciitis can include flat feet (excessive pronation), high arch feet, a job requiring extended periods of standing, training surfaces, volume of physical activity, poor quality footwear and being obese.

There are a number of ways in which we can assist you to treat Plantar Fasciitis. You can read about these treatments at our blog.

PRE – POINTE Assessment
We are proud to provide quality pre-pointe ballet foot assessments. Our Senior podiatrist has been competing at a championship level in Calisthenics for 19 years in Melbourne. It is her passion for dance and performance that has seen her pursue her interested in this form of podiatric assessment.

Brogan follows a structured format to provide dance teachers and parents with a clearer view of their pupils or daughter/sons strengths and weakness. Unfortunately children do not all develop at same time mentally and physically and therefore it is critical we don’t promote such demands as extra hours of practise and pointe shoes on undeveloped hips, knees, ankles and feet. It is becoming standard practice with many dancing schools to have a pre-pointe assessment before being issued pointe shoes.

To discuss your foot pain, injury or assessment needs please contact us.