Childrens-PodiatryHave you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Foot care is more important for you now than ever before.

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterised by high levels of glucose in the blood. It is the fastest growing blood condition in Australia, and s estimated that 280 Australian’s develop

People with Diabetes have are at an increased risk of developing heart disease, kidney disease, retinopathy of the eyes and foot complications including ulceration.

It is vital those with Diabetes take precautions to prevent complications from occurring and this includes regular attendance to a podiatrist (minimum of once a year) for foot maintance, checks and advice.


Diabetes affects your feet in a few key ways:

Peripheral Neuropathy (Nerves

Damaged caused to the nerves in the feet is commonly referred to as peripheral neuropathy. This can leave patients at risk of injury to the feet.


Soft tissue structures in the feet can shorten over time that can cause the feet to change shape and create pressure spots they have not experienced in the past.

Blood Flow

If there is a break in the skin such as cracked heels, blisters from tight shoes or a cut from standing on a foreign object, there is an increased risk of infection due to delayed healing experienced by a number of Diabetic patients. This puts one at a higher risk of developing an infection also.

We recommend that you visit us annually or more regularly to maintain your foot health. Contact us to book your assessment today.