Childrens-PodiatryDo you have concerns about your child’s feet or how they walk?

Children’s feet provide a platform of support whilst they grow and develop, but issues can occur because this development happens at a very rapid rate.

Lower limb or foot pain is not normally a part of a child’s development. If your child is complaining of pain, limping, suffering from ingrown nails or slow to walk then we can help to assess, diagnose, treat and advise.

Below are just some of the conditions we treat on a regular basis:

Flat Feet

Children’s feet can appear flat up until the age of approximately 2 years, and this is because the muscles and ligaments are still developing in order to form an arch. Your child should have normal arches in both feet by around the age of 5.

Choosing the right shoe is important in the developmental stages.

Pigeon Toes

A number of toddlers appear to be walking ‘pigeon-toed’, or have feet that turn inwards. This usually settles down between ages 3 and 5 years. If you notice that this habit involves the leg and hip as well as the foot, or if you can’t see any visible signs of improvement by age 2, you should have it looked at.

Heel Pain

We commonly treat 8 to 12 year old children that are active and complain of heel pain. Generally heel pain is found in active children who are involved in lots of extra curricular activities including football, cricket, basketball and dancing.

Once an assessment has been made we can offer lots of tips to ease heel pain and find that in most cases the pain will stop once the growth plate in the heel bone has fused.


Officially called ‘varruca pedis,’ warts in children are quite common. This is due to reduced immunity to fight the virus causing the warts, and also because children are often more exposed to the warm and moist environments where the virus can thrive, like swimming pools and locker rooms.

Warts on feet can be painful because children walk on them, unlike hands where you don’t tend to feel them.


Foot AppointmentWhen To Seek Help

If your child has pain or a skin condition, is regularly tripping or if you are concerned about their foot posture we recommend that you book an appointment for an assessment.

We know that seeing a professional in an unfamiliar setting can be unsettling for some children, and that’s why we aim to make your child feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible.

If you prefer to have a chat about your concerns first then one of our professional Podiatrists will be happy to assist. Please phone (03) 8358 9929 or send us an email.